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Medical Content

High-quality, informative content - This attracts more visitors to your site, improves patient trust, and enhances your site's SEO ranking.

Local SEO

We will optimize for local search to help clinics appear in local search results, Google Maps, and other location-based services.

Mobile Optimization

Increasing the number of patients using mobile devices improves the user experience and affects your site's ranking on search engines.

Scalable SEO Strategies

We’ve enabled top healthcare providers to expand SEO across new markets, ensuring high rankings and organic lead growth through mergers or startups.

Future-Forward Search

We predict trends and position healthcare clients to capture future demand with strategic search analyses and unique growth opportunities.

Full-funnel Keyword Strategies

We deeply understand healthcare and patient motivations, enabling us to create full-funnel strategies that nurture prospects and drive conversions.

Roadmaps & Ranking Reporting

At Docrankr, we focus on proven SEO strategies that boost rankings and drive traffic. You'll get transparent reports and forecasts.

SEO Services

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Achieve higher rankings and grow your lead pipeline with proven multi-location SEO strategies. Success is within your reach.

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SEO Strategy

Our Search Engine Optimization Tactics


Organic Landscape & Competitor Analysis:

Our Competitor Assessment is like a comprehensive SEO health check. We analyze your current strategy, and rankings, compare with competitors, assess traffic share, and review backlink profiles. A thorough technical audit identifies issues and priorities, integrated into customized SEO roadmaps to remove obstacles and boost your rankings effectively.


Scaling Local SEO for Healthcare:

Healthcare thrives locally. Developing SEO strategies across numerous locations demands an organized, scalable approach to reach patients effectively. With extensive experience scaling from 20 to over 500 locations, we offer comprehensive SEO strategies. Gain insights into your brand’s overall performance and detailed data for each local or regional market.


Managing Multi-location Citations

Citations are pivotal for local search rankings but can become complex with growth. We ensure accurate listings across expanding markets, driving referral traffic and securing Google first-page visibility.


Entity-driven SEO Strategies:

As user queries evolve, Google leverages entities to align intent with results, even without exact keyword matches. We pinpoint the critical concepts patients seek, forming robust content strategies for higher rankings and increased visibility in search results.


Strategic Link Building:

Unlike agencies that haphazardly acquire backlinks, we employ a dedicated in-house team to strategically secure high-quality links from reputable, high-domain authority websites. This approach enhances your site’s credibility and reliability, earning trust from both prospective patients and Google.


Comprehensive Content Strategy (Full Funnel):

We specialize in crafting empathetic, patient-centric content across all touchpoints—from informative treatment pages to engaging blogs. Our approach ensures authoritative, helpful information tailored to meet patient needs throughout their journey.


Site Architecture Optimizations:

Whether you need a new website, a revamp of your existing one, or a site merger, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise ensures your site is optimally structured for seamless user navigation and efficient Google crawling.


Scalable Technical SEO:

At DocRankr, we build scalable website structures designed for long-term success. Our technical framework ensures your content is quickly discovered, crawled, indexed, and ranked efficiently.

Healthcare SEO Services & Strategies We Implement

✔ Technical SEO Audits

✔ Site Architecture Optimization

✔ Competitor Analysis

✔ Backlink Audits

✔ Content Strategy

✔ Multi-location Citation & Listing Management

✔ Crawl Rate Optimization

✔ Site Speed Optimizations

✔ Location Page Optimizations

✔ Mobile Optimizations

Let’s Answer Your Questions About Healthcare SEO

When a medical need arises, consumers turn to search engines for information. Will they find your brand on page one? If not, search engine optimization (SEO) can help. SEO optimizes your webpage to rank higher on search engines, making it essential for healthcare groups. A robust SEO strategy establishes your brand as a medical authority and creates a sustainable pipeline of new patients.

SEO ensures your hospital, treatment center, nursing facility, or practice is visible to healthcare consumers seeking your services.
With DocRankr, you can anticipate comprehensive, data-driven results meticulously planned and expertly executed. Whether it's increased leads, higher patient volume, more organic traffic, or improved search rankings, we set clear goals at the start of each project and work tirelessly to achieve them.
We establish performance-based goals for all our clients every quarter, ensuring you begin to notice the benefits of our SEO services within 3-6 months. Immediate improvements can also be seen, particularly with quick fixes such as addressing duplicative content, resolving 404 error pages, or claiming unverified Google Business Profiles (GBPs), which we typically handle within the first month.

Our team develops comprehensive SEO roadmaps, providing complete transparency into your SEO strategy, activities, and anticipated outcomes.
Before diving into SEO, ensure a smooth website merger for your healthcare brands. Start by acquiring at least three months of data from the acquired brand's Google Analytics and Search Console. This benchmark will be crucial to track performance after the migration. Next, create a comprehensive redirect map to guide Google in properly re-indexing the merged pages.

Remember, SEO expertise is highly recommended for this process to minimize ranking drops.

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