Want to set up a Medical clinic in the UAE? Here’s how to Get a Medical License in Dubai

Establishing a medical clinic in the UAE involves a well-defined procedure overseen by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP). Whether you’re a medical professional or an investor, obtaining a healthcare facility license is the first critical step. Here’s a comprehensive guide on navigating the licensing process, the required documentation, and the associated fees.

Step-by-Step Licensing Process:


1. Login and Initial Request:

Log in with your UAE Pass on the MOHAP website or smart application. Submit a request for a health facility license.

2. Initial Inspection:

After your initial request, apply for an initial inspection. Once this is approved, submit the architectural plans for review and pay the required fees.

3. Initial License Approval:

Following the approval of the inspection and plans, apply for initial license approval, which includes additional fees. Obtain license requirements from relevant entities like civil defense.

4. Staff Licensing:

Apply for the necessary licenses for all medical staff, including doctors, technicians, and nurses.

5. Final Inspection and Approval:

Submit your application for the final inspection. Upon approval, pay the remaining fees and submit any additional required documents. The final license will be sent to your email or can be downloaded from the MOHAP website.

Required Documentation

For Initial Health Facility License:

– Passport copy of the owner
– Emirates ID
– Family book copy
– Passport-sized photos
– Character reference via Customer Happiness Centres

For Initial Inspection Approval:

– Application letter
– Facility plan
– Site photos
– Statement of student capacity (for school/nursery clinics)

For Initial License Approval:

– Facility plan approved by MOHAP engineers
– Department of Economic Development license
– Security clearance
– Proof of owner’s qualifications

For Final Inspection Approval:

– Facility plan with MOHAP engineers’ approvals

For Final License Approval:

– External billboard of the facility
– Medical waste agreement
– List of medical equipment and services prices
– Radiation protection license
– Trade license
– Certificate of preventive safety
– List of partners
– Facility’s internal regulations

Fees Structure

Application and Inspection Fees:

– Application fee: AED 100
– Initial inspection fees range from AED 1,000 to AED 2,000 depending on the type of facility.

Plan Verification Fees:

– Fees for hospitals, convalescent homes, fertility centers, etc.: AED 2,000
– Fees for clinics, medical centers, etc.: AED 1,000

Final License Fees:

– General clinics, rehabilitation centers: AED 5,000
– Specialist clinics, emergency centers: AED 6,000
– Multi-specialty clinics: AED 12,000 – AED 18,000
– Fertility centers, one-day surgery facilities: AED 20,000
– Hospitals: AED 20,000 – AED 40,000 based on bed count

Service Timelines

– Application approval: 1 working day
– Final licensing: 2 working days
– Initial inspection: 2 working days
– Facility plan verification: 5 to 7 working days
– Final inspection: 7 to 10 working days

Additional Considerations

– Non-national ownership requires approval for foreign ownership percentage.
– Facilities with high floors must have an electric elevator.
– Compliance with MOHAP engineering conditions and standards is mandatory.
– Initial approval is valid for six months and is only for completing the licensing process, not for operational activities.
– Additional approvals may be needed from local authorities depending on the facility’s location.

Setting up a medical clinic in the UAE is a detailed process requiring meticulous attention to legal and procedural requirements. Following this guide ensures you meet all regulatory standards, paving the way for a successful launch of your healthcare facility.

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